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The Universal Problem of Mosquitoes & other Flying Insectixology

Mosquitoes are present in all kinds of locations and affect all kinds of people, plus they also carry diseases like malaria, chikungunya, and dengue. 
For Traditional solutions like coils are ineffective and toxic
Modern devices only work in small areas and are virtually useless outdoors
Frequent fumigation and using sprays and lotions are impractical and expensive solutions 
What you need is a proven, cutting-edge solution that can handle all kinds of insects without harming people, pets or the environment. 
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How different does Moskitraps product work

Moskiteer products use the latest technology in mosquito and insect repelling and trapping. These are already being used in Europe and the US, as well as some of the most prestigious buildings and hotels in India.
The Moskiteer range of products includes:
Repellers that keep away insects using herbal and organic oils
Inhalant insect traps that use UV light to attract mosquitoes. Once insects come close to the light, they get sucked in via silent suction fans and get trapped in a cage, where they die in a few hours. 
Solar-powered solutions for large spaces. 
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