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Don’t become the next shocking headline about cockroaches in food!
Insects in food

In the last six months alone, there have been a shocking number of cases all across our country where people have found unwanted surprises in their foods and beverages – insects in chutney, rats in chocolate, cockroaches from juice and even frogs from water!

These have been just some of the cases that have been publicised, but it is scary to see how there is blatant disregard for health and hygiene concerns in not many places. Contaminated food – especially contaminated by living organisms, is a serious health risk, causing a variety of diseases that can be fatal. It is necessary to step up and ensure that there are stricter measures employed for food safety.

 At Moskitraps, we understand how important it is to have a pest free environment, especially when it comes to the food and hospitality industry. Our pest control devices are a useful tool in fighting all kinds of unwanted pests.

Our designs are devised with the latest technology to prevent pests that do not interfere with our life – no harmful chemicals, no smells, no sounds and no big and disturbing contraptions.

Here are some of our most effective and loved pest control devices

- MT001B Moskiteer – The best mosquito repellent device for indoor and outdoor protection up to 1000sq ft

- PNT11A Pest n Trol 5 in 1 Pest Repeller with pulsating vibrations that travel through wiring to create a pest repelling field

- M932G Outdoor Moskitrap – For outdoor areas such as farmhouse, terrace and lawns for areas up to 1000sq ft

- PNT1100 Plus Ultrasonic Ultimate Repeller with two unique technologies to prevent rodents

- ST2 Mechanical Rodent Trap for smart trapping of rats

By implementing Moskitraps pest control devices into your restaurants or cloud kitchens, you can get several benefits –

-          Enhanced Customer Confidence

A clean and pest free restaurant or cloud kitchen will create a trusted and loyal customer base, who will value you for clean service

 -          Improved Hygiene rating

With such cases coming to light daily, people will be more vigilant about the hygiene rating of the place they choose to eat food at, which is why with our devices you can easily fall into their radar with impeccable hygienic spaces.

 -          Reduced Costs

Preventative pest control is always cheaper than dealing with a pest problem where you face damages to your space as well as to your reputation.

 Don’t wait to read one more shocking news headline about this problem. Take matters into your hands and employ our devices to create a pest free space. Our products are known to be the best Pest control devices in Ahmedabad and Bangalore. Order our products now, from our website or via Amazon. You can book a free pest assessment with us now and start your pest free journey with Moskitraps!

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