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Short and Sweet, But Secretly Deadly (Only for Mosquitoes!)

Who knew fighting mosquitoes could be fun and cute? Introducing (drumroll please)

CWM468B Moskiteer, our small but deadly mosquito foe!

This Moskiteer works both indoors and outdoors, repelling mosquitoes all the way up to 50 sq. ft. It is a small, portable device that is ergonomically designed to be pleasing to the eye. It is cute looking, and uses a gentle and pleasing fragrance of lavender, cloves and citronella to prevent mosquitoes.

How it Works?

There is an inbuilt fan in the device that diffuses the fragrances into the area, ensuring the area is mosquito and insect free. It is not a plug in device, it is chargeable and portable, and can be taken anywhere. The fan makes minimal sound, so this mosquito repellent device does not disturb the surroundings, and can quietly do its job, while looking like a cute addition to your décor.

Where to Use?

Its portability and aesthetic design allows multi use options for a variety of spaces. It is ideal for homes, kitchens, bedrooms and offices. Its non-toxic, chemical-free all natural fragrance ensures that it can be used in a child’s room or play area as well. It can easily be carried anywhere, and can be your trustworthy partner wherever you go.

Can this be Gifted?

Well, of course, this Moskiteer is a very good gift option. Its cute design and functionality send a message of care to whoever you gift this product to. This product is inexpensive, yet highly effective in preventing Malaria, Chikangunya and Dengue. It can work all day or all night long, and can be charged easily. It is easy to set up and use, and is harmless to people, pets and the planet.

 If you are looking for repelling mosquitoes in a larger space, we have a plethora of devices to keep mosquitoes away, effective all the way up to 1000 sq. ft.

Our MT001B Outdoor/Indoor Moskiteer is our most shopped product, a portable plug in mosquito repellent device. Its lightweight design and easy functionality makes it loved by all.

 What are you waiting for? Give your loved ones the gift of protection this monsoon by gifting them our CWM468B Moskiteer.

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It’s just RS 2200, Don’t wait, just buy this tiny hero, Click below to buy.,57,59,60

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