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10380C Grey M928XL Mosquito Trap Outdoor Mega

GM 928 is a Moskitrap Flagship Product for Outdoor Mosquito Problem.
Two UV lights attract mosquitoes and other insects through human bionics technology, enabling precise pest and Mosquito trapping. Guaranteed Results in Lawn & Garden, Children Play Area, Terrace, Outdoor Kitchen, Pool, Resort, Farmhouse, Public Places, etc for up to 5000-10000 sq. ft.
Completely harmless to people, pets and the planet!

₹ 31,990.00 31990.0 INR ₹ 31,990.00

₹ 31,990.00

  • Pest Type
    • Insects
  • Product Type
    • Best Sellers
    • Trappers
  • Area Coverage Upto
    • upto 10,000 Sq Ft
  • Ideal For
    • Children Play Area
    • Garden
    • Open Area
    • Open Restaurant

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Protects against Malaria, Dengue , Chikengunya

Day or Night
Works in Dyalight as well as Night Times

Harmless for People, Pets & the Planet

Easy to setup & Use


Product Type Best Sellers or Trappers
Ideal For Children Play Area or Garden or Open Area or Open Restaurant
Pest Type Insects
Area Coverage Upto upto 10,000 Sq Ft