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PNT11A Pest n Trol 5 in 1 Pest Repeller

Electronic Vibrawave Technology Pulsating vibrations travel through your wiring to create a giant pest repelling field. Reaches deep into walls and cracks untouched by other pest controls where 90% of the pests nest and breed.
Ultrasonics Technology the Exclusive High-Pressure Transducer emits an Ultrasonic Alarm (Inaudible to humans) that drives pests out by creating a hostile environment.
Ionic Air Purification & Pest Control the Ionic Air purification pumps out the beneficial ions that clean the air of the pollutants & food odours that attract the pests.
Blue-led night light illuminates the rooms with a soft eye-pleasing glow.

₹ 3,550.00 3550.0 INR ₹ 3,550.00

₹ 3,550.00

  • Pest Type
    • Insects
    • Rodents
  • Product Type
    • Repellers
  • Area Coverage Upto
    • 150 Sq Ft
  • Ideal For
    • Indoor
    • Kitchen
    • Office

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Pest Type Insects or Rodents
Ideal For Indoor or Kitchen or Office
Product Type Repellers
Area Coverage Upto 150 Sq Ft